About us

«Working as an orthodontic specialist for the last 15 years, I’ve been using a wide range of different products in the treatment of my own patients, knowing their success rate and challanges out of experience. That’s why I’m constantly looking to improve the way we can work as orthodontist specialists, trying to develop better product ideas for compliance and non-compliance treatments that guarantee more efficient and successful therapies.»

Luca Signorelli, Founder of Swissorthodontics

Orthodontic product innovations made in Switzerland

Our mission is to develop innovative products for the orthodontic market that simplify therapy treatments and improve therapy results. We want to empower orthodontists worldwide to use the possibilities of our digital era, making more patients happy . All our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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Starterkit for new users

For new users Swissorthodontics offers a starterkit containing all product components which allow to take full advantage of all product features.

3 pairs of headgear braces spring modules with integrated electronics

1 infrared interface to connect to your computer

Compliance Control Software