Motivate patients. Optimize Therapy.

Headgear brace spring module with integrated electronics to control wearing time and force.

Trust is good, control is better

As soon as an extra-oral device is used for compliance treatment, the success of the therapy depends on how regularly the orthodontic headgear brace, activator or head-chin cap are worn by the patient.  If progress is inadequate, it is difficult for the orthodontist to assess whether the wearing discipline is inadequate or whether other factors are responsible. The smartgear headgear spring module from Swissorthodontics consistently tracks wearing time and applied force, allowing you to make well-founded decisions for the best possible treatment plan.

Gain full control over your headgear brace therapy plan

With the smartgear headgear spring module, you become a competent orthodontist physician who has full overview of the prescribed compliance treatment progress.

Wearing time of the headgear brace decides on therapy success

The smartgear orthodontic headgear brace spring module allows each patient to control how long he or she wears the device and how great the average applied force is. This easy and fun selfcontrol boosts motivation, in particular in children, and improves the success of your therapy.

«Not only the orthodontist can check the wearing time reliably with the smartgear headgear brace spring module – but also the patient himself. That is extremely motivating.»

Dr. Christoph Büchler, Prilly
Ex-President Swiss Society of Orthodontics

Simplify assessment of treatment progress with the compliance control software

For full objective assessment, the Smartgear headgear brace spring module is delivered with an infrared interface. It allows you to transfer all data to your computer and evaluate force, temperature profile and the full wearing behaviour.

On sale:
Smartgear Headgear Starterkit

Start optimizing your therapy plan now with the Smartgear Headgear Starterkit containing three headgear brace spring modules with integrated electronics and the infrared interface for full therapy compliance control.

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