Improve your patient’s compliance

With all extra-oral equipment, the patient’s wearing time, resp. the compliance are, in addition to the mechanics, the most decisive factor for therapy success. With the smartgear headgear compliance control software, you get notice at first glance whether your patient is compliant to your treatment plan.

The smartgear compliance control software evaluates the force and temperature profile and analyses the wearing behaviour.

  1. Continuous monitoring of the wearing time and force
  2. Objective data which cannot be manipulated
  3. Simple transfer of all data via the infrared interface

Simplify assessment of treatment progress

After the consultation, this patient started to wear his device regularly and for longer periods – the increase is noticeable at first glance.

Smartgear headgear also measures temperature

This patient tried to manipulate the data: The temperature remains constant and the force is unnaturally even.

Become aware if the success of your therapy plan is in danger

This patient does not support the therapy adequately. He does not wear the device often enough and only for short periods. The success of the therapy suffers.

«Studies have proved that compliance can be improved significantly by using a wearing timer – and that most apparently with patients who were uncooperative at the beginning of the therapy.»

Luca Signorelli, Founder of the smartgear headgear module

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Smartgear Headgear Starterkit

Start optimizing your therapy plan now with the Smartgear Headgear Starterkit containing three headgear brace spring modules with integrated electronics and the infrared interface for full therapy compliance control.

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«An incredible motivational tool. As the patient knows, that wearing time is monitored, he shows a much better cooperation.»

Dr. Lukas Müller, Zürich