This is how it works

The smartgear headgear spring module is hooked into the headgear cap or the headgear neck strap instead of the traditional force module. The integrated electronic unit measures and stores wearing time, average force, as well as temperature.

The patient himself can read the data on the integrated display. For even better control of the compliance treatment plan, the orthodontist can transfer all data via the infrared interface to his computer (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7). The smartgear compliance control software evaluates the force and temperature profile and analyses the wearing behaviour.

Using the smartgear headgear brace module in combination with the continuous analysis of the tracking data, the orthodontist is able to make well-founded decisions on the basis of the wearing time, the force and the therapy success. At the bottom line, this means that there is objective information as a base to argue whether the therapy should be continued as before – or whether the treatment appliances may need to be adjusted.

7 decisive advantages at a glance

  1. Measurement of how long a patient wears his appliance
  2. Uninterrupted documentation of each therapy
  3. Boosts self-motivation and promotes therapy efficiency
  4. Optimises your therapy plan, this saves time and money
  5. Early identification on whether the treatment plan should be adjusted
  6. Provides objective data and objectifies patient consultations.
  7. Helps avoiding disputes with patients or parents

Starterkit for new users

For new users Swissorthodontics offers a starterkit containing all product components which allow to take full advantage of all product features.

3 pairs of headgear braces spring modules with integrated electronics

1 infrared interface to connect to your computer

Compliance Control Software

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«Smartgear makes the orthodontist a competent physician who has an overview of the prescribed treatment progress and this promotes trust. The new transparency increases motivation and the success of a compliance-dependent, high quality treatment.»

Dr. Guido Herzog, Winterthur
developer of the Growth Guide Appliance (GGA)